SCOOP MAIN EVENT WIN i love all jude ainsworths mtt reviews due to the fact that he explains every move every raise every call in depth he explains why he does what he does why he will play a weak hand against a weak player he goes through there stats before he makes a move and explains why he did it rather than leaving us there to ponder on why he would play garbage like 7-2 suited etc he likes to go over the hand twice and never skips anything if he does he goes back to it and slows it down he doesnt rush what hes doing gives us chance to listen and watch each particular raise, fold, check, check raise  and hes clear about everything some of the videos its hard to understand some voices like ville he makes daft noises lol although very good but he does silly thing with his mouth and its cringeworthy  so glad hes clear voiced and that we get to hear the thought proccesses of a pro although when i seem to try  it i fail miserably haha would be good if jude will keep on making some videos for pso even  though he isnt a teamp pro any more   shame to see jude hasnt got his red spade on his name no more cant find out why though shame top player  hope you can contact him and get him to do more be much appreciated thanks keep up the good work