Yesterday, was my first positive step to creating a bank roll without using any of my own money.  When I decided to learn how to play poker last summer I decided that I would not use any of my own money.  Well I now have 16 cents.  It's small, I know, but it's a start.  While I have been playing online and at Poker Stars for awhile now, I only just found PSO a week ago.  I am finding it a great way to keep track of my progress and yesterday I placed 11th in the PSO skills game.  I can only hope to continue to create money from nothing.  Eventually, i have to decide how to spend my earnings to earn more.   Should, I play in tournaments for small buy-ins or build a bigger bank roll for a chance to play in tournaments with a bigger pay off?   For now I am content to continue to try and build my bank roll.  It's a start!!!