After my large downswing at the end of April I decided to take a break from poker of at least a week.  The main reason for this was that I started considering upping the stakes instead of stepping down in order to recoup my losses, which is a massive red flag for my play.  I was still up overall thanks to my Storm finish and bonuses but in the actual database my play took a real nosedive.  I was getting hit hard by variance and then going maniac, the final straw was a weekend, the friday night my EV was great and my net plummetted another 60, then then saturday night where I yo-yo'd all night and ended up -90 net, I was annoyed and playing recklessly and destroying all my hard work.  In both cases my EV was significantly higher than my net (40-50), but it seemed every time I shoved a plus EV situation to get out of the red it failed and I just spiralled downwards, making my play worse every time.

I started again last week with a couple of days easing back into play with just 2 or 3 tables, first at 10NL and then at 25NL and will continue to do this and just work on my game.

I'm planning on playing in as many L events at SCOOP as I can as well as the main event.  I deposited the maximum that I could to unlock the SCOOP reload bonus and I don't see an issue with unlocking that this month, though I may need to make a withdrawal at some point because my disposable income is not as large as it should be (especially after some overly generous birthday situations on my part).

I had a number of social engagements last week so I didn't get to play as much as I would have liked, I shall track my monthly stats on my blog again and see where it goes.

My favourite hand so far has been my first ever Straight Flush (in nearly 60k hands of cash).

A nice pay off, I had no idea what the 64s was doing calling there but I was grateful for the increased pot.

May Stats

10NL: 436 hands, 14.39 bb/100

25NL: 576 hands, 29.14 bb/100

VPP: 69.17