Another bad day for my bankroll and I've decided to step back down a little sooner than intended.

Either my losses are due to bad luck, bad play or a combination of both, either way my bankroll cannot continue to take these hits and it's time to regroup and I will take another stab at 25NL when I've built back up to $800.  My main goal is to be playing 50NL with successfully by the end of june and hitting platinum status.  With my unlimited free time at the moment I do not see this as an insurmountable task, though who knows I might just not be good enough.

I'm going to post my larger losses of the day with the hopes if gleaming some insight into whether or not I made good decisions.  I'll also post my larger pot wins because there could still be problems there.

This first hand was a flat out bluff attempt, I felt I was representing the stronger hand with all of my actions, the villain tanked for a while and called my river shove, obviously not believing he was beat here either with a king or a flush draw.  A good call by him, or was my play that transparent?

This was a flat out tilting shove, I was annoyed at the fish on my right and blindly put all my chips in here with a mediocre holding at best.

I played this hand with solid reads on the villain, he has taken lines like this with me before and out of 5 large pots I have been involved with him he has had the goods once.  I wasn't worried about a 7 considering the pre flop action and would have expected larger flop and turn bets from him should he have had an overpair.  He could have been betting 99 in which case I'm just unlucky on the river but I think I'm still calling.

Without doing too much analysis I can confidently say that I have lost a lot of money playing jacks that haven't hit a set.  I don't know what I was thinking shoving them on this flop, or even 4betting them pre flop, terrible play on my part.  I think the correct line would have been to either give up when my 4bet gets called (what is really calling a 4bet aside from QQ or better, AKs but rarely) or to call the 3bet, and re evaluate on the flop depending on the villians actions.

Villain was a weak loose player who had a habit of calling, I was pretty confident I was getting a call or fold regardless of my bet sizing on the river if he had caught any piece of it, just so happened he got the idiot end of the straight draw and I got paid off for my ace.

Another poor play on my part, I had no fold equity looking back considering the villains stack size and a pretty poor holding, AQ is another hand that is really difficult to play and I butchered this one, I think calling the 3bet in position is fine but when I missed the flop I should have just given up on the hand.

I'm really not sure on this hand, perhaps I should have backed down when I faced the lead out on the turn, as one of the theorem goes "If you face a raise on the turn and you are only holding one pair, it's time to seriously start re-evaluating your hand."  I think this is one of those cases, especially with queens when a king comes I should just cut my losses.

Standard draw to the nut flush, should I have jammed all in on the flop or was I getting the right odds to call this down to the river?

This is me being a calling station here, what could he possibly be value betting that I'm beating here, perhaps the float on the flop is a fine play to bet if he checks the turn, or even a raise on the turn to try and bluff the 7, but I don't think he's ever folding here.


So that's the biggest winners and losers of the day, looking back it's quite clear to see that my game and tilt control needs some work.  A hard pill to swallow but the truth.

Tomorrow back to high volume 10NL hopefully with some much needed profit (or at least a big boost to my EV).

Current Bankroll: $578.34

VPP: 2087.58

25NL Hands: 10442, bb/100: -4.21