I think I played really well today, unfortunately the pots I did win were against short stacks and the pots I lost were against deep stacks.  I ran into a number of coolers but I played them fine so it didn't tilt me as much as it usually would.  I finished my 1900 hands of 25NL evens for the day, mainly thanks to this hand.


Apologies it's not in the replayer it doesn't seem to be working, at the time I thought I had this read well but in hindsight it may have been a loose shove.  I put at least the original shove on a draw and my main aim of shoving over the top of that was to isolate him as I was pretty sure I had him beat, the call from the third player was a surprise but it worked out in the end.

I played 600 hands or so of 10NL but I started getting a little bit too loose and figured I was tired so called it a day after a shove went bad, around 15 down for the day.

I don't appear to be sticking to my goal of playing 2k 10NL and 1k 25NL hands a day, I just feel good about my 25 play at the moment and want to see where it goes.  My numbers aren't looking too good at the moment, hopefully that will change over the course of the week.

Current Bankroll: $623.35

VPP: 1995.47

25NL Hands: 9446, bb/100: -2.32

10NL Hands: 24108, bb/100: 0.77