Today started out really well, I 4 tabled 25NL for 800 hands and was up 50 at the end of the session, I played well got paid off for some good hands and kept out of bad pots for me.

The evening was another story, it seems I need to adjust my play for night time, I went up to plus 70 briefly before plummetting to negative 80.  It seemed I lost a large amount of money to any two cards calling down my really strong hands and hitting their outs.  Notably 3 5 and 10 7 both cost me around 50.  Some decisions I made that I think were generally ok, raising from the button with a small pair and calling the big blinds shove who was short stacked, most of the time its a good ace so I think that is plus EV long term.

I had to stop playing because I started tilting really badly.  I think tomorrow I will play 25 during the day then at night shift down to 10NL while I figure out the best lines to play to accomodate all the extra looser players.

It could be that I just moved up too soon but I'll keep trying until I lose $200 as I said before, half way there so far.

Current Bankroll: $619.78

VPP: 1745.13

25NL Hands: 7532, bb/100: -2.98