I played 3 sessions today, the first I 6 tabled 25NL for 1500 hands, the second was the storm and the third I tried 8 tabling 10NL for 2k hands.

My first session didn't go well, I hit a few coolers and then jacks were my downfall, overplaying them and losing large pots.  At one point I was down 70, but I managed to claw my way back up to down a single buy in for the session.

The storm was also an early bust, slow rolled by quads and then losing my top pair to a set (jacks again) when I was on 8BB.

My 10NL session was strange, I don't think I actually made that many mistakes but by the end of the 2k hands I was down 50 for the day.  Could have just been a bad run (perhaps some mistakes as well).  8 tabling was probably a little adventerous, especially after being down already in the other two sessions.

I think after I have unlocked the remainder of my deposit bonus and hit gold status I'm going to slow the volume and multi tabling down for the rest of the month and just work on my game, improving my general decision making and post flop play.  Once the bonus is released I will play 4 tables of 25NL (still with the stop loss on) and start reading and watching more videos, I've been so eager to multi table that my actual learning has fallen by the way side and I think some bad habits may be starting to re appear.  I think my pre flop hand selection is fine, it's not knowing when and where to bet big or get out after the flop hits.

Of course you can't always account for the villain who is going to call down pot size bets to the river with his 10 9 off in the hopes of hitting a runner runner straight, but those are rare to happen and a simple extremity shouted at the screen is usually enough to shake them off (and the knowledge that next time you'll get paid off).

Current Bankroll: $691.92

VPP: 1547.36

10NL Hands: 23465, bb/100: 1.55

25NL Hands: 5218, bb.100: 1.99