Well today has been a rollercoaster ride for my bankroll.  I decided I was going to put in the full amount of volume I do at 10NL at 25NL.  There was a lot of shouting at my screen, a lot of jubilation and a lot of tilting.  At a couple of points I was up 50-70, some points down to -40.  About 100 hands before I reached my 3k I was up 70, then my kings were cracked by 66 and my aces by 33.  It happens.  Down to +20 for the day on the tables plus a couple of bonuses.



One particular hand that stuck out was this one:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

I think I played this ok, he's folding better here a lot of the time (JJ, TT, maybe AQ though probably not) and I suspected I had the best hand.  Leading out on the turn is not something I usually do though so it was outside of my comfort zone.


Overall my play today has been erratic, tilt hit me hard in some places and it shows in my graph (I will not share it out of pure embarassment)  but lets just say I switched to some Zen music in order to quell some of my anger.

On the plus side I earned a lot of VPP so I'm a couple of steps closer to reaching gold status.

I've decided to move up to 25NL for part of my weekly hands now, I will do 3 sessions per day 1k of 10NL, 1k of 25NL and 1k of 10NL again.  This is on the advice of my poker playing friend, a way to ease into the higher stakes without risking too many bad beats.

I'll set a stop loss of 10 buyins (which for me is 80BB) where if I lose that I will move back down to 10NL for another 20k hands.

Current Bankroll: $765.52

VPP: 1337.97

25nl Hands: 3692, bb/100: 5.63