This morning started out well, I hit a couple of big hands and got paid off well for them, sending my profit for the day up to above 3 buy ins, then I hit a few coolers and tilted away the rest, dropping down to negatives.  I stopped at 1800 hands and took a break, had some food, played some other games came back in the evening thinking my tilt had subsided.

It had not, I dropped to down 2 buy ins for the day, then hit some big hands and got back into the black.  This is where I got cocky and ended up going back down to where I was, once I was down 3 buyins I enacted stop losses for the day at 2700 hands.  More poker was only going to increase my bad mood.

The majority of the money I lost today was from paying poorly after the bad beats, at one point I even asked myself before I shoved "Are you tilting, is this correct?", it was not.

I hit a couple of bonuses which negates the loss somewhat, I'm still up for the week so I'll play some 25NL tomorrow as planned.  It's annoying after I did so well yesterday.  I really need to work on what I do after a couple of bad beats.  I think the answer for now should be step away from the tables until I've got my cool back.

Current Bankroll: $727.54

VPP: 1031.98

10NL Hands: 21366, bb/100: 3.86