About a month ago I was climbing and blew out a tendon in my ankle, today it finally feels like it's on the mend so while I don't think I'll be climbing for another month or two I feel confident that I will be able to get some exercise regime started again in the gym.  You know what they say "healthy body. healthy mind".  I think this can only be positive for my poker efforts.


That aside I thought I would talk about the information I have been ingesting regarding poker and my future plans.  I've currently read two full books:

Phil Gordon's Little Green Book

This is a great beginners book for learning to play and the basics of hand ranges and some fundamental theory, it's well worth a read if you are starting out.

Harrington in Holdem Volume 1

I read this while I was playing in free rolls and the PSO Open Skill League, the principles are based around tournament play but its very well written and I felt that as I was reading it I was actively applying it to the game I was playing.

In terms of video content I have watched most of the sessions TheLangolier has up on the poker school library (the ones from Feb to Apr 2011), Dave is one of the best teachers I've seen and I'd recommend to anyone to watch his content regardless of your level.

My most recent intake has been a series Tommy Angelo did called the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment, it is a series not about how to play but on how to approach being a poker player based on Buddhist teachings, it sounds quite hammy but he is a very knowledgeable player and the applications are so broad that it can only be helpful.  One of the principles he uses is called "lopping off the c-game", where instead of just working on your best game you also work on limiting your losses when you're playing your worst game, this is a principle that I've been working on with my 6 tabling, I know that I'm not playing my best, but if I improve my worst it's still improving my profit.

I'm currently reading Sklansky's book "Holdem for advanced players".  I also have "Ace on the River", "Caro's Book of Poker Tells" on my list.  I'll probably try and read these while single tabling 25NL at some point.

Now to today's session, my daytime session went a lot better than yesterday, I played 6 tables as I did yesterday but tightened up my game considerably and concentrated on bluffing less (even though I'm addicted to floating at the moment), some tables I was playing 12 VPIP after 100 hands which is quite a bit tighter than my usual game.  I ended up nearly $40 up both net and EV at 1800 hands before my first break, a very successful session.

One hand that particularly stuck out was one that I received a fair amount of abuse from the villain from, I did not consider that I had done anything wrong, but just in case I discussed it with a friend of mine who is a much better player and came to some conclusions about how I should have played it (though would have ended up in the same result most of the time).

This is the hand:


Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

The villain has standard rock stats 11/7 ish, I have around 500 hands on him.  Now in terms of the way I played this and what could have happened;  a larger bet pre flop and I wouldn't have even considered playing the hand but as I had position a flat call was fine for me here.

I currently have a bad habit of waiting until the turn to make a large move, perhaps from my love of floating.  Here that was wrong.  I am always going to be getting all of my chips in here, in order to make the most use of them I should be shoving the flop to utilise some fold equity and the fact that on the flop I'm actually a favourite to win the hand (without calculations I think it's around 55 to 45 favourite).  The turn comes and I feel pot committed and am jamming anyway, with the number of outs I had I'm just not giving this up.  The villain did not see my reasoning on this and spent the next ten minutes calling me a stupid fish moron, apparently because he only saw the flush as an out for me and I "moron suked" it.

I played another 4 tables in the evening and got up to 2.5k hands but I felt incredibly drained and people kept wanting to talk to me so my concentration just wasn't there.  I caught some nice bluffs and played some solid lines though and ended up bringing my daily profit to 7 buy ins which is one of my best days yet and I couldn't be more happy with it, it felt like a good stopping point.  In no small part was a large part of this due to a stellar piece of luck where everything came together to give me a massive payoff for hitting a hand:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


Current Bankroll: $739.12

VPP: 918.92

10NL Hands: 18638, bb/100: 6.15