Now I know there is bias when it comes to interpretations of luck but today the bad beats just kept on rolling, I would build up my stacks on each table by winning a number of small pots with small hands, then whenever I hit a large hand it seemed like everyone was out there to out draw me with runner runner straights.  Looking over my hand history about 90% of the sets and straights I flopped I would bet big for value and still get beaten on the river by a straight or a flush.

It's part and parcel of the game though and tomorrow is a new day, I finished my 3k hands and stopped down $60 for the day, tilting hard.

I'm not saying all of my losses couldn't have been prevented, I'm sure I made plenty of mistakes that I need to address.  Betting small hands too large and not seeing the warning bells when I'm called on every street, I still have a case of the beginner problem of being unable to let a hand go when I have to.

Current Bankroll $165.09

VPP: 496.50

10NL hands: 11004, BB/100 : 1.11