I have deposited much more money into pokerstars than I currently have available to me, but because of my arrogance I jumped into 25NL zoom and lost most of it.  My final deposit of around $40 and I was ready to take it seriously and put some effort into the game.  Playing 5NL and some 10NL at the weekend I grinded up to a roll of $170 which is the starting point of my project.



Playing 10NL at the weekend I noticed that it is not much harder than 5NL and decided to stick with it (barring a large downswing), for the first month I will keep to this limit, I may play some 25NL at the weekends if the week has gone well and the odd large MTT as a break from the grind.


Day 1 began ok with my profits bouncing up and down, until 1.8k hands in when I took a large downswing.  At 2.8k hands I was down nearly $60 for the day and felt emotional.  It was not a good start, I closed pokerstars and looked over my hand history, at some point after 1.8k I must have tilted because my play became overly aggressive, bloating pots and shoving in poor spots.

I loaded up bioshock infinite and spent a couple of hours shooting people in the face, this must have calmed me down and I felt like I could continue playing poker.  A couple of hours of late night level headed ABC poker and I was up $8 for the day plus bonuses at 3.6k hands, my EV was up around $50 which made me happy too.  A good start.


Day 2 was uneventful, I was playing well, had some bad beats so my result at 1.6k hands was $2 down net and plus $2 EV.  Then I remembered that I had a friends birthday to get to and had to shut it down.


Day 3 I was far too hungover to even contemplate opening the client so instead I have been watching videos and looking over my stats.


Tomorrow I will go and buy a large amount of nutritious food and some good coffee and will put in a solid day.  I havn't decided if I will play catch up with my missed hands, we'll see how well the day goes.


Current bankroll : $214.

Monthly VPP: 328.58

10NL Hands: 7954, 10NL BB/100: 9.04