Good day to all the regs here, and hello to anyone that hasn't heard of

In the past few months, I've been spending a lot of my time on a few different sites, gathering knowledge about poker, as much as I can, even if it's costing me a few bucks, feel it's well worth it to learn something "outside of the box".  

I've always thought my game needed something, but tightening it up, and trying a few different things never got me to where I wanted to be. Feeling that way, I needed to leave PSO as my main information network as I felt my game wasn't improving, and I was just getting sidetracked a lot of the time to where I needed to be physically and mentally, and most of all game wise. Lately, I have been playing a mix of $$ MTTs to better my game, and SNGs to somewhat make my BR last

  I've had some interesting sessions at poker stars in the past couple months, dabbing in a bit bigger buyins as a treat, and basically seeing that the level of play is much greater, there are still bad beats, sure, but at least most of the time, you can get past the puking up in your mouth that happens at the micro levels because of the mixture of bad play, good play, bad calls, and getting we'll call it "varianced"(lol),  the higher levels you can at least see that there was genuine thought.

  Looking forward to your comments, and I will comment back.

TY for reading,