Good afternoon readers! In the past week, I've found myself in an all too familliar place, my bankroll hit an egg. 

With 89 FPPs, it looks like I'll be playing the 10& 20 FPPs for the next while, as well as freerolls, and maybe concentrate on the open league, and see if I can get to $$. I don't want to deposit, seeings how I've deposited over $2000 in the past 2 years at Stars, and don't see anything new, regardless of what I do. I'll be looking at grinding enough of my FPP tourneys to get in a couple home games, and concentrating on mentally refocusing myself for the new FTP launch since I had at least some success there(even if minor). Don't get me wrong, I'll always keep my account here, as I have found a lot of friends here and solid card players as well, I'll just be here a little less, and who knows, maybe it'll turn out for the better. Like I said, I'm still here grinding open league, and FPPs, and freerolls, so wish me some luck, as it seems I need some about now.