First Off, I'd like to start todays blog by thanking JWK for his time spent on the PSO-SOP Leaderboard, and to all the players here that I have had a complete blast playing in the Series of Poker, and actually can say that the only real bad beat I've received was guy that chased runner runner for a flush, when I had the nut straight, but I'm not here to complain, I'm here to thank everyone for the best poker I've played in years, online or off, and these players are the bright spot of this school.

 Secondly, I'd like to comment about the MicoMillions series. I'm not sure if I'm going to set a schedule for that or not. After how much I enjoyed myself playing with the PSOers, I'm not sure if I want to trade it for the foul play of call stations/maniacs calling raises with ATC and riverring the best hand, but that's poker I guess, take it or leave it!

Finally, the WSOP ME is underway, and it's looking good for a few PokerStars Pro's, and some of my favorites, even before I joined. 

Shaun Deeb is leading the crowd to day 3, with 460,900 chips.
Vanessa Selbst is in 18th with 350,400
Kid Poker is sitting in 37th with 277,200 chips
JP Kelly bagged 107,400
Jason Mercier bagged 100,700

Canadians other than Daniel worth noting.
Matthew Kay bagged 185,400
Matt Marafioti bagged 135,000
Anh Van Nguyen bagged 112,800
Sorel Mizzi bagged 91,800

Good Luck to everyone during the last few days of PSO-SOP, and for those who participate, the MicroMillions series