Oh, what I could do with $5,000, I could pay off the rest of my laptop, clear up a few small bills, I could buy a big desktop, with a giant monitor with enough room to play poker, and leave space to do other things simultaneously. I could play multi-tables, or tourneys on my new huge monitor with some nice speakers, and still have money left over. To tell you the truth, $5000 could do all that and more. I think I'd start playing for higher stakes, giving myself a shot at making some big money tourneys, like "The Sunday Million" and play the "SCOOP" as well as a few satty's for some "events", Winning would allow me to play, and study poker on a higher level. When/if I win, I would spend my money, by continuing to learn @ PokerSchoolOnline, as well as keep pounding the online felt @ PokerStars. I really don't like filling up my blog with another 300 words, because, I've run out of words, and more than likely, by now the $5000 is down to $2000, which would make for a nice bankroll in my account!...lol, thank you PokerStars!