I'm starting off this blog with something I've been contemplating for the last few months.

 I've read almost anything I can get hold of on the topic of NLHE. Playing online for over 8 years now has made me start thinking about what I'm seeing, and more and more, coming to the same conclusions.

 While playing live, @ cash games& tournaments, I still truly believe in TAG poker, I've seen it work, for me and for others.

  However, playing online, I'm finding that LAG poker gets paid off more and more.

 Last night I sat and watched while 6 hands in a row, all were played 1 vs 1, and all 6 where 1 hand was a dominating hand pre flop, and all 6 hands that were ahead preflop, get chewed up and spit out by worst hands.

    AKsuit. VS AJos      AJ WON---PAIR OF JACKS
    AQ os   vs  ATos     AT won  --- trip 10s
    AA          vs  98 os    98 won  --- straight
    AsKs     vs 57os      57 won---- flush 4 clubs made 7c good.
    QQ         vs  22          22 won ---- mined a set
    99           vs 33           33 won---- quads

 time for me to start shaking things up for myself.

It's time for LAG BAG TAG PLAY!

  What's with the BAG you say? Well, that will be something for you to figure out against me at the tables, I don't like giving things away I'm trying, just like everyone else. But,  if I find it useful, maybe it will make a difference in my game, just something I have to try out, and see what kind of results I get.

   So, until my next blog, I wish everyone Good Holdings... :wink:

 Stake out.