I can't believe I'm going to say this, but, since I posted in a thread that "player's like me don't get MOTW/MOTM", I'm not sure, but something keeps getting to me ever since I posted it.

 Not that it isn't true, but that is just the point.When I play, I play for myself. When I posted, I did it for me.

 Members of the Week/Month are just that, members, of a community, and I haven't been much on the community side of things, been more of a 95% take, and 5% give.

I hate making resolutions, so I won't, however, I am going to try harder in 2012 to better my own poker knowledge, as well as the players around me when/if the situation arises, as well as scrapping any thoughts of jumping in on forum flops.  Saying that, I will still shoot from the hip, as I was taught.