Am wondering where all this extra cash is going lately, as it seems that the only payouts that are higher so far with 20+ VPPs are in the top 14, then the 15th-20th are only 1s to get the $50, no more 11-98 getting $50. Last month, the payout for where I'm at was $5, now it's half that, even if you have the 150+VPPs. If you finish out of top 500, the 150VPPs don't affect you,as they give out the same if you have 20 or 150 VPPs. If you ask me, they are just reducing the actual amount of payout that they have to give, while creating the illusion of giving away an amount with what ifs, and possibilities.Think I may do a bit of research as to how much they actually pay out this month, and next month, then post my findings, that is if they allow me to, I have had more than 1 blog blocked in the past, just trying to see the whole picture of this league, or is this not supposed to be public league knowledge?