I started out February 28th 2011 with the intention of getting on the payout, being basically about 20 points out, I figured it was quite doable. Saying that, I went in to the 10:00pm Eastern tourney(3am GMT) not knowing how many points I needed as it was a bit slow updating the earlier tournies. So, not knowing if I had made the money yet, I played in the 10:00pm tournament. was doing well, until just before the break, I get dealt pocket JJ, I was early position, so I made a 3x raise, and on the flop I flopped the set. Flop was Kx6xJx so I figured I was in with the best hand, but a possible straight draw out. I figured it was time to make a move to get someone off the draw for the straight, and moved all in. there were 2 callers, but the 1 that ended up beating me had  KxJx, the turn came a Kx, and gave the guy with KxJx a bigger Full House than the 1 I held, putting me out in 632 , and costing me the 3 dollar payout , which by then I could see I had made, as the page had been updated at 10:06pm, after I had already registerred, and started play.

So In 1 Day, I made payout, and took myself out of it because I had no clue where I stood.
   Thanks for the update PSO....a little late.....lol.