Let me first say that I don't claim to play every hand correctly. Now having said that, I'll move on to the topic, "What Makes a Donkey"

  Is it the fact that they draw to a winning hand? because I've seen many good players on draws, and getting put out by having a draw and only a draw.

 If the only destiction between you and a donkey is the difference between a 9 and an Ace, I'll stand through the donkeys and wave my 9! At least I don't have to listen to them rant on and on about their higher rank.

This is kind of like a high school, you have the people that think they are better than everyone(rich kids), and you have the people that listen to them(their followers), and you have the lone wolves, like me(jock/smoker), going about my business, until 1 day someone pushes the wrong button and you end up with a bite mark on your leg, THIS IS FAIR WARNING, MY TEETH ARE SHARP, AND SO IS MY MIND, KEEP OUT OF MY WAY, OR YOU'LL GET CAUGHT IN THE GRIND!