Started playing the 10:00pm tourney tonight and was doing ok, as usual, and the guy 2 hands down went all in with a hand, and another player went all in with AJ, the guy with the Aj nails 2 Js on the board to take the hand. The very next hand, I get  and the betting gets to me and it's a 360 bet which was raised from 60 I believe, I re-raise with my AA instead of betting 1080 (which would be my 3 bet of their raise and leave me with a pot commited situation anyways,) I push my 1480 in and get called by QQ and a dog holding AJ, and doesn't the AA get cracked for the second time in 2 hands all in! Where's a statistician when you need 1, they'd end up dead from

            For the day, take 2 steps back, you must!! and neigh 3 times young Stakehorse....and believe you must that the force is with you....lmao