Rememberance day? Can you say forgettance day? put out of all 3 PSO tourney's I played yesterday, costing me -7.56 pts, -16.03 pts,-5.99 pts, for a total of  -29.58 pts for the day. My last hand was a doozie, don't have the hand for hand to do proper analysis, but basics are: dealt to me KK play gets to me , I raise from 30 to 120 chips, guy behind me, I have marked as a loose player, flat calls, another player flat calls, so I believe I am ahead, flop comes 3xJx6x, 450 in pot, I bet 240(somewhere around 60% of the pot). next guy pushes all in(loose-agressive player) another player calls, so I call thinking they both have Jacks, and the loosey player that I figured had a pair of Jacks, I was right, the other player though, had JJ, something I didn't see, and couldn't have put him on, to be quite frank, I figured him on an overpair to the board of QQ to my KK. my king did not come on the turn or the river and I was put out in around 580th and getting me -5.99 pts. Can't wait for todays 10am to get rid of that bad taste in my mouth!! @ the tables.