I was sitting at a PSO game the other day and took down a pot, and showed my hand(which I do if I think they make a good fold, keeps interest in the game). Anyways, after I showed, I was told" I must raise with AJ". This player didn't reveal why or any other referrences for his arguement, so I asked him"why would I raise under the gun with a not so great Ace when I have 6 other people behind me to act, giving me no clue if I am behind or ahead? I called, figuring if someone has AQ or AK I am probably going to fold( depending on who it is and what their play type is) when they make a raise. If I make a raise early with AJ and someone behind me plays AQ, AK,AA,KK,  I am a dog at best, and they aren't always going to make a raise with it also. I use to raise with AJ but, it's 1 of those hands that you find yourself at the rail because you played a raise with it and found yourself up against a slow playing AK. so, I don't raise with AJ offsuit, just like I won't raise with K10 offsuit, it's my chioce, and I've found it helps me seek out the truly big hands.