It's been a busy month for me outside of the poker world, so I haven't played as much as I normally do.  So yesterday (1/25/11) I finally got to sit down and play poker almost all day.  Things didn't start off so well, as I went 0 for 7 in 25 cent sit n gos (4 45 man, 3 90 man).  Then everything turned around, starting with a 10th place finish in a 90 man.  I played the $1.10 $4k guarantee MTT, went out a few hundred before the money, but felt I played well.  Then came the $.55 MTT, where I cashed in 249th place.  I followed that up with the $1.10 $3k guarantee MTT, where I outlasted over 4000 runners and came in 60th.  To end the night, I played the $.25 $100 added MTT, and made it all the way to the final 2 tables, finally going out in 17th.

Haven't had MTT runs like that in a while, partly because I've been mostly playing SNG's and Stud cash tables.  Felt good go run deep a couple of times, and hopefully I'll better those results here in the near future.