Hello, when you are a beginning player you have to learn and that may cost sometimes money. We all know how to keep a good bankrollmanagement but sometimes their is a gap and we loose. And when you do not loose, who will say no to free money? I like to share a few things I use to pick up extra money. I mean without making deposits.
  1. First of all you get money just for playing. Easy you don't have to take much care about
  2. The Fpp you get, I like to  use them for Fpp tournaments. The tournament ticket you can win is for a nice tournament, but  it is also possible to cancel your subscription. You receive the price of the tournament ticket as tournament money on your account.
  3. Pokerstrategy. Pokerstrategy is a great site wich gives you 50$ for free if you pass their test. My advice, practice before you try the test. A lot of people fail and on internet there are a lot of people asking for the answers. It is if you study well to do. But more important, you can learn an awfull lot there. And they offer you free software for training and analyses. If you register there and you use this link http://nl.******************/uVJ1HH you help me for giving you this tip. They have a "tell a friend" programm so you receive money if someones registered and passes the test.. It will help you to become a better player.
888.com. You receive 8$ if you register there. Nice site to play

I hope this helps you. Free money is not such a bad thing.
So good luck and if you got tips too let us know.