I believe that poker is a game. As in any game people like to win, just like you. That is possible in a nice way and though it is sometimes hard you got your share of lost hands. Part of the game. But since I play another level I noticed something that I don't like.

There are some players with a strategy that is not against the rules, but not very gentlemen like also.Poker is not only the written rules, but also the unwritten rules. It is normal not to be violent.  Pokerstars is strict in violence and that is good. Noone wants to play in a violent atmosphere.

Poker is just as in ordinary life, treat someone like you want them to treat you. Poker is a competition and it is about skills. For some people it is gambling, ok that is their play, but I noticed a new strategy. Some players take a seat at a table with the minimum buy in. They don't move and if they move it is an all-in. If they win the all-in they leave instantly the table. That is frustrating, not only because you lose a hand, but also because your not able to win your money back.

If  this happens sometimes, ok some people- most weak players- act this way. For me it is different if someone is playing with this as a strategy. They pay the blinds and wait for a big one and leave after they won. It is not against the rules but I see it as something that makes gaming different. The competition changes. I make notes so I see what someone did in other games.

Maybe because I canged my level, but I never noticed this before. For me it is something you don't do. After all it is a game, and the best player wins. If someone plays like that, still the best player will win, but for me there is also some frustration about that kind of play. The same as gamblers in a tournament: : you may win but during the game ther are rats arround and sometimes the take their parts. Another thing I noticed about those players, is that most of them are from one particular country. Hope the don't take over poker at the lower levels by filling up the tables or worse that this becomes a common way of playing.

Playing poker is for most people fun they take very seriously. As in any game you can win or lose. If you lose, you might have learned something that gives you more profit then the money you just lost. I believe in looking possitive at things by turning it to the opposite. People avoid bad experiences, so after you had one, you will be more careful next time. But anyhow, poker should be pleasure, and you should look at your actions also from the opposite way. Leaving instantly after you won, only playing all-in, for me it is something that fouls the play.

So take care of this, make notes of them players and see if there are any connections.

Good games,