In my previous post I told some things about how I started poker, how I choose my identity, and what I like about Poker. I ended this year with profit, so I achieved that goal. Small maybe, but I started in july with tournaments and I ended with 135$. My bankroll has passed 300$. At the moment I started to play more cahgames and alltough I play still a lot 1/2 cent, I also play 10/25 cent and I do well. I play those not with 6 players but in a tournament setting with 9 players. I play almost as tight as tournaments, but more loose because it is a cashgame.

Looking back at my first steps as a pokerplayer I can say that I learned a lot but, and that is possitive I understand by each thing I learn, there appear more things to learn . One of the most important things is, as I believe following the rules and I hold on to them alltough it sometimes seems that other play pays off better. It is hard to believe sometimes wich hand kicks you out of the tournament. I play most of the time still the 0,25$ S'nG. When I play well I take a seat at the 1,20$ tables.

Maybe because of the micro levels I play, but I' m sure that every level has his own gamblers, or Donks. They call or even re-raise with hands other people won't play like 2 4 or T5. Sometimes they crack your aces and you are out. I think that there are several reasons why people play like that.

  1. Maybe they are just gamblers, and yes sometimes they win
  2. Maybe they have lost a game and the have a bit of an emotional mind.
  3. Maybe they don't care about competition or their buy-in
  4. some other reason

Whatever the reason is, with normal play you can make profit. When I started to play, one of my goals was to play with profit because I believe that that is possible. But it is something you can work on. I want to become better as a player, but I also understand that it takes time and study. And one thing, experience makes you wise, so I practice a lot. A good sign, I don't get bored and I am happy with every hand I win.

Sometimes I play bad and I must learn to stop playing then because when you're in a game it's hard to analyse your play. Later, after you lost your money you know it exactly. A good player is also the manager of his own mind and that is hard when you get emotional.

The nicest thing for me in poker is nothing impossible and I see a progress in my play. A good help is the notes I make of players. Some guys I see often at the final tables, the donks almost never. And if you loose, well it is part of the game. As I said nothing is impossible in poker, but it's easy to say fot me. Some people play for years and they never had one, I play a few months and I had four.Unbelievable but in 5 weeks I got 4 Royal flushes and to of them even gave profit, so...If I loose I must remeber those four and as always, it might be your next hand.

So I wish you all good games this year and maybe we meet on a table.