Hello, my name is Arnold but in poker it is ssacre.

I took some time to figure out my name because a name is something other people call you, so it should be good. Playing with my real name is not an option because there is a difference between real ife and poker.I choose this name for different reasons.
First of all it is international. In English and the latin languages it means holy, something you don't touch or get near without respecting it.  In dutch, i live in Holland (near Amsterdam, IJmuiden), it means as you pronounce it "sure ", we say Zeker almost the same as sacre. That is how I want to play, sure of my case. The dubbel ss is a little joke wich points to my last name, Kabel wich means cable. I think the ss' look like a rope or a tie. My character is very much holding on to things, wich of course also can be a problem. My avatar is my right eye. They say eyes are the mirror of the soul. Keep your eyes open, and telling eyes. And it is a wathing eye, watching your moves.

That i started to play poker is something i would not believe if someone told me a year ago. I don't like games, only games with a ball to play myself. I like soccer, billiarts, table-soccer, pinball, and others. Card games they play here in holland I don't even know the rules and I don't care because I don't play them. Another thing about poker was that I thought of it as gambling. I saw many people play poker ( it realy was a hype ) and sometimes the won, but mostly it ended up in paying for playing.

Slightly I got more interested because I noticed that there were also people aproaching it as something you need skills for to win.The same thing I noticed on the televisionshows were I saw a lot of the times the same people win the games. I watched more often and I became more interested when I saw there is a lot of aspects in the game and that two people playing the same situation can have a different outcome.

When I bought a second hand laptop from someone who played poker I had still his pokersites on it and I started to play, almost without any knowledge of the game, in fact I didn't even know wich was the highest hand in several situations. That was of the end of march this year. I played only playingpoints and first only cashgames Fixed-Limit. Later No Limit Holdem. The game got me. My first goal was to make profit on a structural base on that level. Thought behind that, if you take it seriously, why would you go levels higher if your not able to succeed on your own level. I only played low stakes cashgames. A missed opportunity, because I didn't practice tournaments, higer stakes, heds-up, etc. I played until I reached 40000 chips before I started playing for real money.

When I started playing for real money, I started again with cashgames, No Limit Holdem. 1/2 $ cents. I played a lot but it didn't cost, but it also didn't pay. Something I was happy with because a lot of players said that in the beginning you pay learning lessons. I started playin for real money in may. Because a lot of players I know play tournaments and told me that it is in tournaments difficult for foolish players to win I started to play tournaments. Again low, 0,25 cents. Mostly 45 or 90 persons.

At the moment I made a small profit of 140$. My ROI is between 20 and 25% and the same for ITM. I want to make these stats better, my bankroll higher and then slightly start playing the same tournaments but then a level higher, 1,20 or 1,40 knock-out. Cashgames I still play but not as much as I used to do. It is a different skill and I want to learn more about how to play cashgames. I make profit in them, but I realize that I need more skills.

The problems I face in playing is that, maybe because of the level, there are lots of players playing donk. I lost with aces from a T7 os, all action pre-flop. If such things happens it is difficult for all my tournaments sometimes. Same problem actualy, when u raise there is alway always someone calling, even with crap. How do you play such?

Still I am sure that I am not able yet for higher stakes and I notice that I become smarter. At the same time I realize all the things I need to learn. My goal is to reach a level that I can live from pokermoney. It is not a big problem if I don't succeed because I like the game a lot and I would play it for free with the same fanatism. I take a period of three years in wich I want to increase my poker.

One of the first things I reached, make profit. The second goal is to play higher levels using he same mehods as I did sofar. The first real profit I want to use for buying an allowed programm as for example Holdemmanager. Another thing is a screen so I can play more table then the 5 I usually play.

On this Blog I will let you know how I am doing. If you have any suggestions or comments or questions about all this let me know. The main reason for starting this is that I believe that you don't have to walk every road to learn. I like o learn from others and if I am in the position of helping others, I will.

So that was introducing ssacre, hope to hear from you.