So you say it's no big deal that i have decided to take the slow roll back into online poker. Well im not really sure how long i have been playing; But im trying to take this shit seriously! I am trying to go about being successful in the right way instead of the wrong. This time around i have decided to be patient and not try to rush and take shots so much as i did before.

  Well it has been 6 days now since i made my $150 deposit onto Poker Stars; And so far i am somewhat happy about; Not the money but te way i have been playing and decsion making. With that being said i have taken a few bad beats,and mmade a few bad decisions. But they have also balanced out to give me 5 mtt cashes in 6 days and 4 final tables as well.

  Right now i am playing in the 180 man $4.40 sng mtt's and doing ok so far. The thing that i am really excited about is that i am realing paying attention and learning more and more each day. I am getting so close to winning my 1st 4.40 also and i have never done this before. Once my bankroll reaches the $400 mark i will then move on to the $10/180 man MTT sng's. I feel here i will be very very successful as far as the money is concerned.