hey guys
this is my first blog not sure wat to tell everyone except i had the best day ever yesterday i came 14th in the pso open skill and had one of the best hands i have ever seen besides a royal i had pocket jacks and had 4 others raise all in for like 35k i was so close to folding but then got a feeling that i should call so i pushed all in for 33k and the flop came J,J,Q then rag rag i won like 117k and was only mid way in tourney so became chip leader for the most of the game and then caught cold cards from about the last 200 players but i grinded it out and play mega tight and aggresive on the primo hands and ended up placing 14th when my Q,10 got rolled with rag cards then i picked my pretty little lady up from work and got the news that she was pregnant so i now cant wait untill i have a little poker pro to teach all about the bad beats he or she will have when playing aces so thanks for reading hope the tables are good to ya's