First of all I want to wish everyone at PokerStars a Happy New Year and happy grinding.

Now onto the beginning of my year at PokerStars.

And I have to say it didn't begin as well as I would like and it's got under my skin a bit, but I know I can recover and do well in the coming weeks and months.

So this year I'm progressing from recreational play to a serious one and my bankroll and formula I use (Chris "Fox" Wallace's BRM formula) reflect this.

So last night I decide to play my allocated five PM 5,000 buy-in SNG's that I will play daily and the same will apply to cash as well but, obviously, with a lower bankroll and buy-in.

Anyway, I bust on the first two and pick up a third placing on the third but I'm still stuck and so I go to play a fourth and if I bust here, which I did, I will pack it in for the night.

I was playing the best I could but upon replaying the tournaments in PokerTracker I noticed something interesting that I didn't pick up when I was playing.

It seems that people who play PM 5,000 and 10,000 (and most likely above) don't bet when they get a monster hand and that they only call and take it all the way to the river, where they will then make a bet.

So it's clear to me that they like to slow play but even the tight players at the table were doing it so this really confused me and I don't know if I can adjust my play to conquer it.

I may have to drop back down to PM 1,000 and 2,000 before trying the 5,000 again because I know I can do well there and I was able to take 1,000 chips, which is minumum at Stars as everyone knows, and take it to 100,000 in the space of some 2-3 months.

So it hasn't been a good start as I've said and until I can get back to even or above I definitely won't be playing single table, cash SNG's just yet.