Why is it so hard at times to get past tilt? I'm not an angry person! Is it simply because I am losing money? Is it because my wife just cleaned out our bank account to buy a vacuum cleaner? Is it because my boss gave the promotion to that uppity jerk in accounting! For myself, when I'm not in a winning frame of mind before I choose to go play omaha or hold'em, I have to be able to recognize it within myself! Knowing when I am too tired, aggravated, or upset is important when deciding whether or not to play a session or enter a tournament. It's important to my bottom line. My poker bankroll!!! If I want to keep my bankroll in the black, I always make sure to eat properly throughout the week, exercise and get enough sleep. As a recreational player, with hopes of one day playing professionally, I need to make sure that my poker bankroll is always increasing. Ensuring this, depends on my own ability to manage tilt in an ongoing capacity. My number one weapon of choice besides proper diet is exercise! Exercising on a regular basis is a major stress reducer! I know for a fact that the majority of the people I encounter at the casino on a Friday or Saturday night do not exercise. Not only that, but a good deal of them are trying to play profitable poker while drinking alcohol! They are deluding themselves! Numerous times I have watched as players who are drinking start to make bad plays against better players and they begin losing chips. They're on tilt! They keep drinking! They keep tilting. I have seen tilt occur in people who were not consuming alcohol as well. I was playing omaha and had a full house. One of my opponents had a full house as well and was so sure he had won after our cards were turned up, he started reaching for the pot. Another player pointed out that I had the bigger boat. The guy just lost it! He grabbed what remained of his stack and thew them to the floor in a rage! It's never pretty. Especially when it's happening to us. I also can recall times when I wasn't playing my best and went into tilt mode. I remember those times with regret because a few of those times I blew off my whole stack. I don't choose to forget those times because, for me, it helps reinforce the idea that I want to be a winning player! Even when the cards just don't seem to come or I'm pickng the wrong spots. If I am starting to lose pots for whatever reason, it's time to put the brakes on, remembering those times and quit the session, leaving with some of my cash. The bankroll that I am working to build requires that I am one who can master tilt!