I'm a bit new to this blogging malarchy so bare with me please 


After finishing 16th in the February Open League and cashing for $50. I had decided not to make the required 20 vpp's in February to not get promoted on purpose,just to hope that I could cash in the league and kick start my bankroll again.I also won a big bang ticket by getting three sub four hundred places in a row

I won't be playing many open league games this month except trying to get thre in a row again to win a ticket for April

Now here come my goals for March:

Before I had cashed in open league my bankroll stood at $1.42 and $51.42 after cashing.I also staked a PSO player for 1 share in the Sunday Mill Anniversary game at $2.15 which gave me a starting bankroll of $49.27

So my aim for March is to achieve 20 vpp's , for April open league , and to turn a profit whilst doing so.This I hope to do by playing single table s'n'g's , predominantly the $1.50 Fifty/50's.I find these games only take between 45-90 minutes which leave me free to have a life outside of poker

I have at present only played one Fifty/50 and one home game which cost $1.35.I cashed in both games and my vpp level stands at 1.38.Don't laugh I know it's not huge but it's a start.Meanwhile my bankroll stands at $51.96.A handsome little profit of $2.69

I know my goals aren't huge but I believe they can be reached with minimum effort for as much profit as I can make.I will stop playing when I have reached my 20 vpp's and shall repost what the final numbers are.


Good luck to all at the tables 

May your cards be monsters and the pots huge