Hey Everyone!

If anyone has read my previous blog it's just stating that I am back into PokerStars! I was just sitting here writing out my goals for the rest of the month and June, and I was stumped. I have been watching some videos on bankroll management, but I thought I would ask you guys for some help.

I am making a small deposit of $30 onto my account, and would like to build my bankroll from there. Any videos you guys can point me in the direction of on this site would be great! Or any tips would be great!

Some of my goals that I have come up with so far are:

Participating in at least 2 Live Training Sessions a week

Participating in at least 4-5 Open Skill League games a week


Thats all I have so far. I am most likely looking into sit and gos for building my bankroll. I also am very interested in tracking my stats and saving some of my hands to show my gameplay. Any advice on that stuff would be great as well. Thanks guys! I will be doing another blog with my set goals and progress as soon as I get some opinions/advice! 

Good Luck At The Tables!