Well..It has been a rough 2 days. I have't made the money in anything yet..but there is still hope. I have also played 2 open league tourneys so far and placed under 2500 in the first and 612 in the second. So, that isn't bad. I have a couple of hands that I would like to show you guys..pretty much sums up what I've been going through lol. I also have stuck to taking big breaks, as I am heading back to school..that seems to help. Anyways here are the hands:






On a side note I have also been watching a lot of tv poker. Not sure if that will help me or not, but I love to watch it anyways, and I am sure it won't hurt.


Good luck at the tables, and I hope to show you guys that anyone can turn around. Hopefully my next blog will bring some good results for you guys