Hey Guys,

So, it is a new year! I've decided to step up my poker game, and I want to take this more seriously. I thought about doing a long term goal post, but I decided I would start out with some short term goals and see how that goes. I am starting my bankroll back at $10, and I am going to use the basic bankroll guidelines to build my bankroll. 

After all of my ups and downs of 2012, and all of my on tilt horrible plays, and decisions, I am really going to focus on just basics. A basic bankroll building strategy, and some rules to keep me from hopefully not going bust. 

Short Term Goals/Rules For This Week:

1. Play .25 cent 45 man sit and gos until I go above $10 I will start playing .50 cent 45 man turbos, if I go above $15, I will start playing .50 cent 90 man turbos, and then over $20, I will play $1 45 man regular sit and gos. 

2. Not to go on tilt. I will be doing this by taking breaks every so often. I will do this even if I am on a good streak or a bad one. (I found that even if I am on a good streak..it usually turns around pretty fast.)

3. Sticking to the game plan. I usually find that I get frustrated or for some reason think if I start playing bigger games, or zoom games, I could build my bankroll faster. It never ends well. 

4. Play at least 7 games of the open league. Since I placed pretty decent this past month, I want to try and keep it up, and try and place in the top 800. It will probably require more than 7 games a week, but we will see how it goes.


So thats it. I am going to keep track of this stuff. Starting tonight. And every Wednesday I will be posting another blog to show you my progress. Actually, well maybe I may post 2 a week. Maybe depending on how much I am playing. Maybe show some hands, and get some feedback. We will see I guess. Thanks guys, and good luck at the tables!