So, I thought I would just make a blog about my good day today. It started out a little rocky, as I was playing some Zoom games, and had a couple of bad beats. And then I originally started playing heads up games, because I was on tilt. Low and behold, I have been kicking some butt at the heads up games. I started playing the hyper turbo ones on tilt, which I generally try and stay away from, as I tend to be a tight non aggressive player, but I just changed my game up some, and make some good bluffs and caught some hands. And then I accidentially signed up for a 4 person heads up game..(long story short, I was playing from my cell phone today) and I ending up winning that game, and actually decided to play another game just like that, and won that one as well. I ended up playing in 5 4 man heads up games today, and won 4 of them. I was pretty excited that I was catching some pretty decent cards today. So, yeah. I am pretty excited that I could end a day on a postive side, rather than quitting because I was on tilt.