As day 1 comes to an end, I thought I would write about my progress. I won't do this everyday, but I thought I would tell everyone how day 1 went, and see where I can make improvements and to get feedback. I didn't have anything to do today, so I played 10 games of .50 45 man turbos. I placed cash in 3 games. Not my best day, but I did open up my range. I watched some videos, and took everyones advice. I raised more blinds and when I was on the button. I was more aggressive, with what I thought were weaker players. I had quite a few bad beats. 

The very first tourney I was in, I raised on the button with AQ suited late in the game, short stacked,  and I was re-raised, and then I just shoved all in. I lost to 35 offsuit, he caught a straight. Another tourney I played after that one, I lost with my AK against someones A5. Another hand I had the most chips at the table I caught AA, and lost against 99. So, I may have been on tilt some after that, but I thought overall I played a decent game today, just a lot of bad beats.

I feel like I am not very good with bad beats, and may put myself in a bad position by going into tournaments on tilt, and frustrated. How does everyone deal with bad beats? Especially if they are back to back. Let me know what you guys think. Overall, I guess it wasn't a bad day for starting out at building my bankroll I am up $7. Send me some comments and feedback.