2 days ago, I played 50k GTD tournie. It was near $9k for the first place. I am always curious what would ppl do with the money if they win the tournament, so I asked that on every table I played (switching tables, you know). Publishing their answers (with their asset). 


- I will buy yacht. 

- Dunno, If I win, I will play on higher level.

- I will get married. 

- Will buy a new car.

- I will go to Las Vegas. 

- Will buy ticket for online WSOP.

- Get laid with 2 girls. 

- I will buy a flat and move from my mom.

and so on...


I am not sure what would I do with that,  it's quite big money for me (like 1 years sallery or a bit more).  Maybe I would travel to Spain with my wife, or we could make a bank deposit for our 7 months old boy. I will know if I win


What you guys would do with ~$10k if you win (maybe many of you have more atm, but still).