Today was a very bad day. I had like 60$ when I started playing. I usually don't play big buy-in tournies, always micro and low ones. But still... I lost every single all-in in more than 12-15 tournies. every single one. Had pocket Aces with flop A 3 4 and turn came 5 and river 6. Guy with K7 won. 


and almost every shoved hand was lost like this. 

Now I am back to freerolls (no funds left), but I don't know what to do with that bad luck. tried to play only after flop, but in many cases I got eaten by blinds. 


LF advice, what you guys do in this situation. Is that normal to lose so many hands with bad beat? I am kinda confused, doing everything like I should but still busting out very soon after bubble or near it.