I have a long story for you and it needs to be started from the veeery beggining.

hm, that was loong ago... in my childhood.

There was big table in our yard where older people were sitting and playing different games, like King, Preferans, Domino and so on.  My generation was always watching, hoping some day we will sit with that guys and play too.

One summer I went to my village for 2 months and when I got back I saw no one played older games. There were always 9 players around the table, sitting calm, looking at each other, analyzing something - that was WAR with cards and I felt in love with it instantly.

As nobody would let us sit with elders, my generation (with me on head) made our poker league. we've been playing all day on weekends (sure, after doing lessons). You know, what was the "first prize" for winner? - 1 bottle of lemonade and title "Pokerstar" for 1 week

We were getting older and there was less and less time for playing (hard times for my country), many of us forgot about Poker (others played VideoPoker sometimes).

After like 10 years or more, my friend asked me if I wanted to play poker with Georgian Blogger community. I was so excited when I remembered those days of childhood that I could not say "no".  But I needed to refresh my skills. I googled lessons about Poker strategy and came across with Pokerstars.com, read strategy threads and courses, took quizzes. After few days I felt I was ready for challenge.

That was a small tournament with 30 bloggers maximum. What can I say about it, I was so confident with the knowledge I got on pokerschollonline that I looked like a pro against other opponents. After 4 hours of play I was sitting on final table playing heads-up and soon I won all the chips and the first prize - XboX with Kinect (yes, my little niece is very happy playing dance-games with it).

that's my story, how about you?

this is photo of mine after I won the tournie