Hello guys!

It's my first blog so PLEASE don't blame me for gramma mistakes,thanks!

A little bit about myself..

I'm 20 year student from Lithuania. I'm studying law in Kaunas,Vytautas Magnus University. At nights trying to play poker for atleast 1-2 hours.

Last week AGAIN i deposited 20$. I writed word "AGAIN" different becouse I busted my BR a lot of times and this is my last shot (well i say that every time i got busted). Through 7 days I grinded my BR to 70$ and i decided to start bloging everyday atleast few sentences about my sessions.

So my GOAL is to reach RUSH NL5 6-max in a month. It's not a big goal but as I sayed: " I play no more than 1,5h daily". Sometimes I don't play at all.

You can find me playing on NL2 RUSH 6-max 4 tabling and BALTIC POKER LEAGUE. Playing ths tournament just for leaderboard monthly bonuses.

This was just an introduction about myself as a personality and what my goals are on poker. I hope tommorow I could discuss few hands with you guys!

Thank you for your attention,