I was reading over the forums, and many people seem to be frustrated about there top five hands being cracked by weak hands we would never consider playing. So i decided to blog about multiple was in which to overcome this. first things first you should get inside the mind of the low limit tournament player, (in a nut shell) these are players that want to gamble, they pony up their 5.50 in hopes of making a nice profit, much like the rest of us. you might see these players early in the tournament going all in with marginal hands such as J-8 K-4suited and namley...trash so your best option here is to wait for profitable spots to battle against this wrecless style of play...ill describe a situation; you have 5,000 chips in the highjack seat with A-Joff, and the blinds are 150/300, a player in early position (who is a known donk) raises to 700, everyone folds around to you who calls, and the big blind calls as well. the flop is 10-4-6 rainbow, the early postition player bets in to you as always and normally youd raise or call or whatever you think is correct for the situation, but in these low limit tournaments, the most profitable play is nearly always FOLD, exspecially when you factor in the hands that the donk player in the big blind might be playing. so two major things to concider are; You cant offord to draw against opponents who raise to much, and you cant offord to raise against players who call to often (which is everyone your playing in freerolls and low limits)