so i joined the school last month to have a go at the league, i cashed last month but only a small one.

my target this month was a top 20 finish, and after a 7 days i was ranked 54th, and i was not to far off target.

but! i have now started my first pso down swing with a string of 8 bad results where i got - points.

so i have now dropped from 54th to 155th and expect to drop more when the scores update......


clearly im not happy, but i feel i still have time to get back in to the top 50, which is my new target for this month.


my mate jaffa200, seems to be doing ok, he is about  90th at the mo, which is good for his first month...... he is trying to clock up points incase he makes the top 500 and makes the prem league