ok a quick update on my skill league and side bet's.


i am ranked 100th after a few days of play

my first side bet with my mate (jaffa200) is going ok, we are both floating around the 100-150th mark so im alittle ahead at the mo, but its still all to play for.


i feel i still have a good chance of a top 20 finish, as long as i get the time to play the comps.


i have noticed that my playing style has changed over the last few weeks of playing in the league, i seem to play alot slower in each hand and limp in to pots i would have bet in the past, i feel this style would help my make the money in other comps more often but may reduce the chances of getting first place.

i feel my old style of playing fast early in a comp and then going tight later on would give me more chance of winning a comp but also i would have a much bigger chance of not making the money.

over all i can see my older style of play would lead to big swings in my bankroll and far more chance of having to re-load, but the new style i have been playing would mean smaller swings, more min cashes, fewer big winners but a safer way of playing and far less chance i would have to re-load my bankroll.


happy hunting