So its that time again when the low stakes players all try and win some big bucks with only a small outlay to buy them self a seat.


One of mymates has been picking up seats in the points sat's all day as he trys to get in even cheaper. i think he has 12 seats sofar, but he wants to win seats in to all 100 events.

Clearly i have bet hime that he wont get over 85 seats before he runs out of points to play with, so thats a $100 coming my way very soon i feel.


i always like the micro millions, and have made a small but health profit in the last 2 years that i have played them. about $4,500 total over the 2 years. i just hope i can do well this year also, and maybe better my 21 cashes of last year (most were small).


all i will say is, when playing the mico-millions , forget what you spent to enter the comp and just look at the top prize money, take your time, your going to be there a long time if you make the big money.


HAVE SNACKS, DRINKS, SMOKES, BEERS, TO HAND AT ALL TIMES.......  and enjoy it, this time next month you could be millionairs!