I’m currently writing this post while watching the 49ers vs Packers NFL Wildcard game, will Green Bay ever get a good O-line?!

First off I’d like to thanks everyone for their words of encouragement for my first blog post – it provides great motivation to provide some interesting content

I’m working on setting some firmer poker goals, which I’ll outline more in a future post. This post is part of my thinking-out-loud process, detailing my current playing ability and schedule which will allow me to work on more solid and achievable poker goals.

As I said in my previous post, I’m currently grinding 25NL and trying to work my way up the limits. The vast majority of my hands came in the Zoom tables, where I typically 4-table. There are several reasons why I prefer Zoom tables over the regular ones:

1) More volume and fewer tables. Although the action is equivalent to 16-tabling, I find it much easier to keep track of what’s going on in 4 Zoom tables than mass-tabling the regular games.
2) Reduced tilt. I don’t really get tilted by bad beats anymore. What triggers me off is when I feel I’m getting bullied or when I feel I’m on a profitable table but am card dead. These tilt triggers are both negated by playing Zoom, where you are on different tables all the time.
3) Ease of stop/starting. I have an elderly and sick relative that needs a lot of assistance in day-to-day activites, which sometimes means that I am not able to play long sessions or might be called away at short notice. If I was playing regular tables, I’d have to constantly go through a table-selecting process, wait to post the Big Blind etc. You can just fire up 4 Zoom tables and start straight away!
4) Easier note-taking. Related to the easier stop/starting, if I want to take a note on someone or mark a hand for review, it’s relatively easy to pause all my tables and take time taking my note or note what I want reviewing about a particular hand.

I became a regular 25NL player towards the beginning of December when I earned a bankroll big enough to take an extended shot. Here is my graph during the month of December:


As you can see my graph is very up and down and hovering right around break even over 34K hands. Not terrible, but not great either. 

This 34K hands took about 36 hours to play over 11 playing days, meaning I played close to 1000 hands/hour at over 3 hours a day. I didn’t play any cash poker from 23rd-31st December. My grind sessions at 10NL yielded similar hourly/daily playing rates.

As a Hand Analyzer, I also spend a fair bit of time on the PSO Forums. I also try to spend time analysing my own hands and watching strategy videos or discussing spots with poker buddies. These activities are all in addition to my playing time.

Why have I outlined all this? This post is going to lay the groundwork for setting my goals for the upcoming year, which I will spend some more time refining and will announce in a future post, so stay tuned!