I recently became the newest member of Team Poker School Online as a Hand Analyzer so I thought I'd briefly describe my poker life to this point.

I'm 25 years old from Bradford, United Kingdom. I started playing poker while studying law at Newcastle University around 2008, but obviously wasn't very good! I played on various online poker sites and first started playing on Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker in 2010. I had never read any books or studied any strategy or bankroll management, my play was obviously not that great! However I had some successes in MTTs and built my bankroll up quite substantially.

However I then started playing relatively high buy-in tournaments and cash games where I was clearly out of my depth and bust most of my bankroll. 

I then started playing much more sporadically, playing the odd tournaments here and there and sometimes playing live at my local casinos.

In summer 2013 I got made redundant from my job in the legal sector and had some family issues that made it difficult for me to look for full time work, so I decided to make a serious attempt at playing online poker again.

I deposited $40 and started off playing 2NL and micro SNGs. During this time I found the cash games up to 10NL to be pretty easily beatable and had a few deep runs in a couple of MTTs, finishing 32nd in the MTOPS Main Event for $1.2K and finishing 280th in the $5 Million Sunday Million (that I bought into for FPPs) for $2.2K as well as other decent tourney scores.

However I chose to withdraw most of my winnings to ensure that I didn't play above my level.

Whilst most of my winnings have been from MTTs, I am acutely aware that MTTs are a high variance beast. Thus I wanted to try and improve my cash game play. I felt that learning to play good with deeper stacks would also improve my general poker understanding and aid my early-level MTT play.

I'm currently trying to beat the 25NL 6Max games, however this is proving to be fairly difficult, I'm break even through ~40K hands with a very swingy graph!

PSO has been an invaluable resource in improving my understanding of the game and making sure I stay more disciplined.

I don't have any specific long-term goals, but general aims that I want to accomplish:

- Continue to grind my way through the cash games until I can prove that I can beat each level.

- Try and play a good volume of cash hands per month, but I will not stick too strictly to this if I need a break. I've been playing about 40K hands per month over the last 3 months.

- Improve my physical fitness. I used to play lots of sports but have become seriously inactive, this needs to be altered!

I would like to make Supernova, but this shouldn't be a primary aim of mine - if I can improve my play and build my bankroll to play higher stakes and maintain a good volume, then Supernova will come naturally.

I'm going to be quite open with this blog so let me know if there's anything you'd like to see from me!