Hi Everyone, 
Like most of u i fell in love with the game of poker very quickly. i started playing regularly on pokerstars in 2009. I then had an injury at work and was off for 9 months. i think i probably played for an average of 10hrs everyday during that time u couldnt move me from the table lol At the start of this year i thought id try Fulltilt out for a few months but have now decide to start back at pstars for good. The constant reading at the tables, the constant learning, the testing off your skills everyhand u play, the raw competitiveness and the connstant pressure.. every aspect of NL Holdem im in love with, got obsessed with, and addicted too.

I mostly play NL Holdem Cash Games Full Ring, tournaments here and there aswell. I think my Best tournament win would be a 3rd place payout of around $2,600 but i mainly play cashies either .50c/$1 tables or $1/$2 tables.

As for my Bankroll Management! This was one part of my game which i never new was missing, it was like i was oblivious to it. id deposit $50 or $100 and id build my bankroll up to between $500-$1000 then for some reason id allow myself to somehow lose it in a day and then id do it all over again.. i couldnt work it out. i new i could play against these good players and do well consistently but wen id hit my bad run that was it.

So for the past couple months ive been on the search for the answer to the leak in my game. Its brought me to these forums which ive never participated in and ive found the answer i needed to take my Poker game to that next level :-D  

Tomorrow i will be making my 1st deposit with which i feel is the most important Key in my arsenal to playing this game for the rest of my life.. 

Thankyou everyone who posted about Bankroll Management i recommend this to all.. especially those who just want to play poker for the rest of their life like me

See you at the tables